Mentorship Programs

In Your Corner

 ‘In Your Corner’ is a new program designed by the PCRID Mentorship Committee to foster interpreter growth and experience.  There is a great need for interpreter mentors of all skill sets to be involved with ‘In Your Corner’, please consider offering your time to foster the next generation of growing interpreters or allowing ‘In Your Corner’ teams to practice at your next event!  

If interested in participating, please contact, Rose Trabert, PCRID Mentorship Program Chair at

We look forward to being in a corner near you!

Peer Partnership

Are you tired of having to search the world over looking for a mentor with time to spare?  Are you looking for a truly safe environment in which to improve your interpreting skills? Well, look no further, PCRID has the answer!! With our newest mentorship model, appropriately named, “Peer Partnership,” we are looking for partnerships of interpreters working together to enhance each other's skills.  We launched the first Peer Partnership at our 2016 PCRID Annual Conference with great success!

Be sure to check back for more details as 2017 planning is underway.

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