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Helping recognize your educational pursuits since 1978!

The Certification Maintenance Program of RID was established to ensure our certifications retain value and guarantee quality with members who stay current on the latest theories, strategies, and techniques.  

PCRID is an RID approved sponsor of continuing education activities and we are able to sponsor all four types of CEUs: Workshops & Conferences, Academic Coursework, Independent Study, and Participant Initiated None-RID Activities (PINRAs). RID has a limited number of staff members who process CEUs, therefore they rely on sponsors throughout the country to process CEU paperwork. At PCRID, our CMP sponsors are interpreters just like you, and they work on an entirely volunteer basis!

RID has a well developed set of guidelines that govern the acceptance of CEUs.  PCRID is subject to regular audits to ensure we are upholding the membership-driven requirements and maintaining excellence with our CEU sponsorship. Help us help you! Submit your forms far enough in advance so that we can ensure you have all the needed documentation for your CEUs, and to ensure that you have filled out the documents properly. Because this is a volunteer effort, our work hours vary, especially around the holidays. Therefore, our timelines are designed to ensure we have sufficient time to review your forms and submit  them to RID on time.

Rates for processing CEUs vary by the type of CEU requested. Organizational members' rates are significantly discounted, while individual members receive FREE CEU processing for independent studies, academic coursework, and PINRAs as part of their membership benefits! E

Don't know which type of CEU to apply for?  Simply email cmp@pcrid.org or see RID's handy guide for examples and criteria.  

We look forward to working with you!

PCRID processes the following:

Workshops & Conferences

Deadline: Submit to PCRID 45 days before event. 

Hosting a workshop or conference for interpreters? We can process your CEUs! We will need the following forms from you: 

  • Sponsor Form
  • Instructor Form
  • Sample Certificate

Academic coursework

Deadline: Submit before the end of your current CEU cycle.

Taking college courses for credit? A typical college semester course earns 4.5 CEUs, don't miss out! We will need the following information:

  •      Proof of Accreditation 
  •      AC Request Form
  •      Course Description
  •      Registration
  •      Transcript.

Apply Here!

Independent Study

Deadline: Submit to PCRID 10 days before you expect to start.

Do you want to create your own learning opportunities? Wanting to delve into recent publications in the field? Have a specific area of interest but can't find a workshop that fits your needs? An Independent Study might be just what you need.

Need more info? Click here for full instructions.

Apply Here!


Deadline: Submit to PCRID 10 days before event.

Attending a workshop or conference that isn’t RID approved? You may be able to earn CEUs! We will need the following information from you:

  • PINRA Request Form
  • Activity Description 
  • Activity Agenda
  • Instructor Bios

Need more info? Click here for full instructions

Apply Here!

How much will my CEUs cost?

Workshops & Conferences

Workshop pricing is reduced when the same workshop is offered again within 12 months.

Conference processing and pricing is based on availability of the sponsors, please contact cmp@pcrid.org for more information.






Academic Coursework

Member: FREE!
Non-Member: $20

Doing multiple activities? Consider a membership!

A membership is only $35 ($15 for students!) Would a membership be more cost-effective for you? Click here to join now!

Independent Study

Member: FREE!
Non-Member: $34

Paper or plastic?

PCRID encourages payment online with credit or debit card.
If you wish to pay by check, please contact our treasurer at treasurer@pcrid.org.


Member: FREE!
Non-Member: $25

Thank you!

Thank you for keeping current on the latest theories and techniques in our field and thank you for using PCRID to process your continuing education units.  A well-educated interpreter is a boon to the community!

Are you experiencing problems with this website? Send your feedback to communication@pcrid.org. Thank you!

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