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PINRA Processing

PCRID would be happy to sponsor your PINRA! Please see below for detailed instructions for submission. If you have any questions contact ceu.pinra@pcrid.org for more information.


Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRAs) include activities that an interpreter wishes to attend but which are not offered by an RID approved sponsor. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with specific known standards and must have a specific format, educational objectives and purpose. This includes audited college courses, non-credit courses at an educational institution, corporate trainings, community education, non-mandatory school district in-services, and organizational conventions/workshops. (rid.org)

A PINRA application must be completed and approved prior to the start of the event. At least 10 days advanced notice is appreciated. Applications may be approved with less than 10 days' notice, however, this is not a guarantee. Applications with missing or incomplete information will not be approved.


1. Fill out the PINRA request form. (www.tinyurl.com/pcridpinrarequest)

2. E-mail the following to ceu.pinra@pcrid.org:

    • A detailed copy of the event description. For a conference with multiple sessions, a description of each session is required.
    • A detailed agenda that shows the date, time, and schedule.
    • A copy of your registration (if available)
3. After the event, proof of attendance must be submitted within 30 days. Prior to attendance please discuss adequate proof of attendance with the sponsor, and submit it upon completion to ceu.pinra@pcrid.org.


For your convenience, we've made Google Forms for attendance verification! Here are the links:

For any questions regarding PINRA processing, please contact ceu.pinra@pcrid.org.

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